IP 23 and  24 over the World

IP’s floating in all parts of the world.


If you are an owner of an IP-boat please send a photo of your ship to the manager on this webpage. The photo will be published here without email addresses or whatsoever except the type,harbour,engine and country.


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Our first IP24 named Octopus fitted as a fisherman.


Here you see the Octopus after a refit with an extra mast and sails.Made her sailing but was not a succes.

The drift was to high due to the keel format was not suitable for use as sailing vessel.

Enlarging the keel together was an option but we decided to sell her to give all the attention to our second (family) ship the

“IJsvogel” built in 1978 which  needed some refit.


The Octopus after the wooden masts have been removed and an alumium mast was placed behind the steering house.

In that outfit she was sold.


For a summary of  all the IP’s  click here   (as been located per today!)

The IP23's and IP24’s are one of the most popular mouldings, they have been finished in a variety of styles from basic workboats to smart motor sailers. They are without doubt the top of the range in her class. The performance under sail or engine is good for a 23/24 boat and her ability to take the ground completes a very versatile and practical boat.